I am a hobby mosaic artist and I enjoy creating glittering and shining pictures from glass and ceramic tiles. I love the play of light on the glass, it literally glitters in the sun, so gorgeous. Because of the weather resistant materials used mosaic art is perfect for outdoor display and it brightens up a dull area of the garden or a lonely corner of the bathroom.

It is a relatively new interest for me and one that is very absorbing and captivating. All of the art is handmade in my studio at home and one of the features of this type of art work is the individually crafted piece that is not perfect and as a consequence no two art pieces are created the same. My designs tend to be quirky and simplistic with inspiration coming from the traditional subjects such as hearts, birds, etc but utilising the ball chain edging and glass beads. I also like to incorporate a central detail such as a heart or flower etc to create a focal point of interest or a pop of contrasting colour.

I also do mosaic art creations on ordinary garden variety type rocks and on the more spectacular schist rock. The contrast of this solid grey rock with the glittery and reflective glass tiles or the shiny ceramic tiles is particularly appealing. This art medium is also suitable for a pet memorial and can sit on a pet burial plot in the garden to keep watch over a loved and missed pet.

Click on the pages above to view pictures of my handmade mosaics and in particular ensure that you take note of instructions for care of the mosaic.

Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of my items or if you like the design but would like different colours.

Visit my shop here: https://felt.co.nz/shop/mynacrafts

Enjoy browsing this site.

Janet Sanders
Auckland, New Zealand
+64 2184 6579
Email: janetbs03@gmail.com


Contact me here:

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